Earth Action Hub

A global, online community dedicated to supporting one another in taking climate action!

In May, we launched our first ever Earth Action Hub event - three days focused on inspiring and supporting positive climate action!

With over 50 different sessions and amazing speakers, it was an experience that brought participants the knowledge, skills, and support they needed to feel empowered to take action that, collectively, has had and will have a profound impact on our planet.


Why Join the Earth Action Hub Community?

Get inspired, share your ideas and connect with people from around the world on issues that matter.

Learn new skills and gain knowledge to support your own personal and professional development.

Come with an open mind. Leave with an achievable climate action plan of your own.


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Logo Mark Transparent-20 (3).png

Our logo embodies what EAH stands for. We have chosen to focus on a positive handprint instead of the negative footprint that we are all used to hearing about. 

We want to empower and inspire people around the world to take action with their own hands in their own communities, to contribute to the collective change. 

The colours represent inclusivity and diversity, anyone can make a difference.