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 SHARE YOUR ACTION PLAN WITH US! You can upload your action plan below OR share your action plan with us over social media! Just make a short video or photo saying what action you want to take, why it’s important to you and how you plan to achieve it, post it to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and be sure to tag us @EarthActionHub.

Take Action!

This doesn’t mean you need to save the world over night! The actions you choose to take can be big or small. We’d recommend starting really simple. Take shorter showers. Have a vegetarian day once a week. Maybe you feel confident to start recycling at home, or to only buy second-hand clothing.


For some, you may feel ready to tackle climate change at the community or even national level. The point is, no matter where you are in your environmental journey, every little action that you and I make adds up. 

We’re not saying it’s easy. It can be very difficult to make sustainable, Earth-conscious changes in your life. Our hope is that you’ll join us and the rest of the Earth Action Hub community in contributing to a greener and sustainable future for our planet - even if this means starting with baby steps. 

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Your Action Plan

Below you’ll see an example of our Action Plan template with some questions and guidelines to get you started.


You can find a blank template here as a Word document, PDF or Google Doc.


Looking for inspiration? Head over to our Explorations for little activities you can do throughout our three-day inaugural event that’ll encourage you to reflect on your values, identify what motivates you to act and give you ideas for how you might turn all that into tangible actions.

You can also check out our Knowledge Hub for more sources of inspiration and environmental and climate change knowledge. 

Want to talk things out? Join our forum and dive into the ‘Action Plan’ category. Here you can ask questions you might have about taking climate action or help support others in figuring out how they can take action.

Share your Action Plan!

SHARE YOUR ACTION PLAN WITH US! Send us your action plan and you’ll receive an personal Earth Action Hub certificate after the event is over. All the action plans we receive will be displayed on the Earth Action Hub website to inspire others to act!

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Action Planning Workshop

Interested in participating in an online action planning workshop with Earth Action Hub? Let us know!


Earth Action Hub is not just an annual event - it’s a permanent community resource! We want to know if you’d like to participate in an online workshop that will help you develop your own action plans and give you the chance to meet other people from around the world.

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