Code of Conduct

Ensuring the safety of all participants at Earth Action Hub (EAH) is incredibly important in creating a safe virtual space that fosters collaboration, creativity and community-building. We are committed to running a safe, harassment-free and fun event for all, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, religion, or technology choices. While this is a youth-led event, everyone is welcome to participate, therefore it is up to all of us as individuals to make this a safe, supportive and inspiring experience. 


All participants are required to read and follow the EAH Code of Conduct while participating in any events or networking opportunities on the EAH website (and preferably any other time as well - just be a good person). Any inappropriate behavior, as detailed in the Code of Conduct, will warrant immediate removal from the EAH event and any future access to the website. 



  • Be respectful. 

  • Be polite. 

  • Be supportive.

  • Be friendly.

  • Be helpful.

  • Be open and positive. 

  • Be cooperative. 

  • Practice active listening. 

  • Be respectful of people’s privacy. 

  • Report any inappropriate, threatening, abusive behavior to the EAH safeguarding volunteers.

  • Follow this Code of Conduct.



  • Act in a disrespectful or offensive manner. 

  • Bully other participants. 

  • Be verbally, emotionally (or physically) abusive towards others. 

  • Behave in an inappropriate or threatening manner. 

  • Pressure or bully others into sharing personal information such as contact information. 

  • Share people’s information without their agreement/consent. 

  • Continue contacting people if they do not wish to be contacted. 


There will be at least one safeguarding volunteer in every live session. They will be identifiable through their background. You can privately contact our safeguarding volunteers by sending them a private message on the EAH website or by emailing them at