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The Earth Action Hub event is hosted on a member-only section of our website. To get the full Earth Action Hub experience and participate in our inaugural event (21-23 May), please register for the event, for free! You will then be able to fully set up your member profile a few weeks prior to the event.

The platform will be accessed through our website and take you into the virtual EAH world where you will be able to join the event join workshops, talks, conversations, engage with our partners in the exhibition hall and join and create chat forums for networking with other participants.

Registration for the event is open! We will be releasing our exciting event schedule soon! Registration for the workshops will open a few weeks before the event for registered members.

It is very important to us that there is an element of interaction between hosts and participants but also between participants. We have designed our 3-day online event to be interactive and fun whilst giving participants opportunities for learning and networking. 

Given by one person or a group of people from an organisation


Interactive and in depth

Limited participant spaces

Short: 1 - 1.5 hours Long: 3 - 4hours 

Registration Required

Between 2 or more people  discussing a particular topic relevant to their work



No registration required

No participant limit

Maximum of  30 minutes

Given by one person on their area of work


No registration required

No registration required


No registration required

No participant limit

Maximum of  20 minutes


Meet some of the people giving Talks, Conversations and Workshops.