Welcome to the Earth Explorations! 


Earth Action Hub’s mission is to be a permanent online space that supports climate action, which is why we’ve created the Earth Explorations. Each part focuses on a slightly different element of climate action, and the activities are ones you can do on your own or with others.


We start by taking a moment to reflect on our own relationship with nature, identifying our values and motivations. This will then help us turn our personal values into tangible actions for our planet.

And with the support of a like-minded community, we’ll be able to amplify our actions and find the strength to continue working towards a sustainable future for us and our planet.


Once you’ve done an activity, make sure to mark it as ‘Complete’. Once you’ve completed all the activities in a category, you’ll receive an explorer badge in your Earth Action Hub profile. And just like that, you’ve already started on your own climate action journey!