Meet the people who gave Talks, Conversations and Workshops at the EAH 2021 Inaugural Event.

Abril Mondragon

Grandmothers Circle the Earth

Abril Mondragon is Numunuu-Genizaro and Scots-Irish from Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico, USA which is located within the ancestral territory of Taos Pueblo. She is a Wise Life Ways Artist, poet, sacred story-teller and self-published author. Abril founded Golden Bear Healing Arts 25 years ago for the preservation and education of Indigenous and Natural Healing Arts. She has travelled locally, regionally and internationally as a participant, healing arts facilitator and speaker for international Indigenous conferences on Healing, Decolonization, Regeneration, and the Preservation of Ancestral knowledge.

Adriána Henčeková

Young Reporters for the Environment Slovakia

Adriána Henčeková is a journalism student at the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. She has been involved in the YRE program since 2014 and she has obtained numerous national and international awards in the article and photography categories. Adriána participated in several international workshops and missions such as SDG’s Leadership workshop in Lisbon, COP23 in Bonn, Germany, and she reported about international prize for YRE program from Italy in 2019. Currently, she is an ambassador of the program in Slovakia, but also a member of the coordinating team. Occasionally, she contributes her articles to various Slovak newspapers. Thanks to years of experience in the YRE program, this year she became the author of two manuals for YRE article and photography.

Ajai Ahluwalia

Ajai Ahluwalia is an electrical engineer that specialises in UK offshore wind farms. He is currently one of the Technical Leads on the world’s largest offshore wind farm in development, Dogger Bank. Ajai is also is Vice Chair on the shadow board of RenewableUK and a Director of Lambeth Community Solar, a local renewable energy generation project.

Amy Wilson


Amy leads the COP26 team at Climatalk which is a youth-led initiative trying to demystify climate policy and amplify young people’s voices. Amy is currently doing a PhD in civil and environmental engineering and is actively involved in a variety of climate change projects.

Andreia Coelho

I am Andreia Coelho, a 3rd-year Environmental Health student from Portugal at the Lisbon School of Health Technology . I have been on the EcoCampus committee since my 1st year. My goal is to pursue a more global and environmental approach to my study area and being part of the EcoCampus committee is an excellent start for that.

Anna Dantes

Seu trabalho estende a experiência de edição para outros formatos além dos livros. Há dez anos realiza, junto ao povo Huni Kuï, no Acre, o projeto Una Shubu Hiwea, Livro Escola Viva. Em 2018, criou o Selvagem.

Arnau Macià

Foundation for Environmental Education

Arnau Macià is an assistant at the Foundation for Environmental Education. He has a BSc in Environmental Biology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and MSc in Climate Change from the University of Copenhagen. He has experience in stormwater management, climate adaptation and nature-based solutions. Currently, he is seeking to expand his set of skills in the climate and environmental education and communication fields.

Azul Schvartzman

Race to Zero - Resilience Youth Fellow

Race to Zero, Youth Delegate, Sail for Climate Action, Building Bridges for Climate Action.

Bhargav Patel

Bhargav is a YRE Alumni and a final year engineering student at Ahmedabad University, India. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in Information and Communication Technology. He is a co-founder of the Environment Club, a student community that focuses on educating students about environmental issues and solutions in a fun way. His area of interest is artificial intelligence, resource optimization, sustainable development, and green technology.

Bruna Braz

Louise Ribeiro Garden

Co-founder and co-coordinator of Louise Ribeiro Garden, biologist by University of Brasília and social environmentalist. Member of the center of Amazonian studies of the University of Brasília. Also engaged in projects related to traditional communities in Brazil and restoration of Brazilian savanna.

Callie Broaddus

Reserva: The Youth Land Trust

Callie Broaddus is the founder and executive director of Reserva: The Youth Land Trust, and was recently named to the inaugural class of the Explorers Club 50: Fifty People Changing the World the World Needs to Know About. Prior to launching Reserva, Callie was a Senior Designer at National Geographic Kids, where she worked for seven years, cementing her passion for wildlife photography and youth education. She has worked around the world, photographing rhinos in Botswana, documenting sea level rise in the Marshall Islands, and leading Reserva’s participation in research expeditions to the Ecuadorian Chocó.

Carina Mütschele

United Nations Environment Programme

Carina Mütschele is a Youth & Education Officer at UNEP. She works mainly on formal education initiatives including engaging youth and higher education partners through the Youth and Education Alliance (YEA!). She works on a variety of higher education focused initiatives around greening campuses, decarbonizing campuses and shifting mindsets and behaviours.

Cibelle Henriques


Cibelle Henriques is a biologist, volunteering in different NGOs with scientific dissemination. Cibelle currently works with conservation status of Brazilian fauna and represents the governmental program PETBio, from University of Brasilia based on Brazil.

Cinthia Toledo

Organization for Cetacean Conservation (OCC) - Uruguay

Graduated in Music Therapy, she has worked with children and young people in the educational and health fields in Argentina. Since 2019, she has been working at OCC organization in the environmental awareness and education program in Uruguay.

Connie Thoms

Warm Data

Hi I’m Connie, I am 16 and live in England. I trained to be a Warm Data host in 2020. Since then I have run multiple Warm Data sessions with other teens from across the globe. Warm Data sessions are a relaxed way to not only have engaging and interesting conversations and meet people in completely different lives to you. I love sailing whenever lockdown allows and being with my friends.

Daiara Tukano

Daiara é filha de Álvaro Tukano. É artista visual, professora e ativista pelos direitos indígenas. É também comunicadora e coordenadora da Rádio Yandê, primeira web-rádio indígena do Brasil.

Daniel Schaffer

Foundation for Environmental Education

David Crookall

International Ocean-Climate School

David has spent his whole career working in experiential
learning methodologies, specialising in debriefing techniques. He has conducted workshops and given presentations in many countries, focusing on climate literacy and sustainability. He now facilitates the International Ocean-Climate School.

Deepaloke Chatterjee

Clifford Chance

Deepaloke is a lawyer qualified in England & Wales and India. He works at Clifford Chance and specialises in EU and UK competition law. Deepaloke advises major companies and financial investors in a diverse range of industries including pharmaceuticals, technology, consumer goods and retail.

Dr. Amanda Bernal-Carlo

The Great Balance

Professor Bernal-Carlo is a Colombian of indigenous descent. Biogeography and Ecology scholar. In 1996, she received the First National Research Prize from the Colombian government for the work she accomplished on the Colombian Andean Mountains.
Dr. Bernal is a full Professor at the Natural Sciences Department at Hostos Community College of the City University of New York where she has worked as the Director of the Department, and Associate Dean. As President and co-founder of the Great Balance Incorporated (TGB), she works with the Indigenous communities of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (SNSM) on strengthening their natural and cultural patrimony through a variety of self-sustaining projects. Her life’s central agenda is to help nature and humanity on all walks of life to integrate contemporary fragmentation and alienation from the gradual destruction of our natural world. Amanda has been appointed as the Mamos Ambassador abroad.

Edilene Yaka Huni Kuin

Nasceu na Aldeia Chico Curumim, Terra Indígena Kaxinawa do Rio Jordão, no estado do Acre. Atualmente mora no município de Jordão, onde veio para estudar. Artista visual e aprendiz da floresta.
Faz pinturas em tela (acrílico sobre tela). Sua arte traz a cosmovisão, os cantos tradicionais e as mirações com o Nixi Pae (ayahuasca) que são conhecimentos do povo Huni Kuin.

Eli Manderson Evans

Ten Years’ Time

Eli is a Senior Social Justice Consultant at Ten Years’ Time, where he works with the wider team researching social justice issues in relation to addressing systemic challenges in society. In recent years he has begun working more and more on climate change issues, specifically related to engaging with marginalised communities to build community centred approaches to mitigating climate change. He takes an intersectional approach understanding the ways in which climate and environmental degradation are both deeply connected to systemic inequality. Last year he co-authored the report ‘Climate Change and Social Change, How Funders Can Act on Both’ and he is currently leading a pilot initiative with the GLA (Greater London Authority) to co-produce community led initiatives that create hyper local solutions to climate change. Eli also supports on Ten Years’ Time works to connect a new generation of philanthropists to the communities they wish to serve.
Away from his full time role Eli volunteers in a number of capacities to empower and address the structural inequalities faced by the Black British community. He is the co-founder of the Embassy of Blackness, a global platform that connects up and shifts resources to initiatives that empower and transform the realities of black communities.

Emily Vernall

Climate Justice Coordinator at Generation Climate Europe

Evan Parish

Youth Climate Report

Evan Parish is a film student at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada. His main passion is for film, although he takes after his parents and has a deep admiration for the environment. The film he has made for this year's Student Life Levy workshop at Laurier is a sample of the work he continues to do in the future and after graduation.

Fernanda Matsuoka

Youth Climate Leaders

Fernanda is an advocate of climate education to help young professionals launch their careers in Co-founder and COO of Youth Climate Leaders (YCL). I am also a climate literacy and climate education enthusiast, ambassador for the En-ROADS Climate Interactive and the International Oceans-Climate School (IOCS).

Flávia Bellaguarda

Legal Response International

Flávia is a Climate Change Advisor at ICLEI South America. She is a qualified lawyer in Brazil and holds a Master in International Development in Climate Justice from the University of Birmingham, UK. She is a co-founder of Youth Climate Leaders and LACLIMA, and a member of the Global Shapers Community from the World Economic Forum.

Gary Tyrrell, Climate Action Officer

Climate Ambassador Programme Ireland

Gary is passionate about communicating climate change. He is an active member of his local community, volunteering as a mountain ranger and involved in litter picks. When not reading up on the latest climate change developments, Gary likes to run, cycle, play guitar and practice yoga.

Gonzalo Olías

The English Centre (School)

Gonzalo Olías is a Science teacher at The English Centre, Southern Spain. He has promoted the project Aula de Sostenibilidad five years ago and since then, coordinates it. He has a vast experience in environmental education and volunteering and has promoted similar indicatives also at Cadiz University while working there years ago.

Gráinne Ryan, Climate Action Officer

Climate Ambassador Programme Ireland

Gráinne is focused on improving climate literacy in all ages and enjoys creating resources and developing training for Green-Schools and the Climate Ambassador programme. Wannabe Masterchef, Vegetarian, LGBTQ+, seaswimmer, #GIY.

Hailey Thomas-Squirrell

Youth Climate Report

Hailey Thomas-Squirrell is double majoring in Film Studies and Women and Gender Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada. She has always loved creating short films and learning about social justice issues. Her love for learning about the environment and how it has been affected by humans is what inspired her to create her Student Life Levy film, “Unwrapping The Truth”. She is excited to create a film this summer about how littering effects the environment and its wildlife!

Henrique Biana


I’m a biologist working with education. I’m also a member of Dente-de-leão since 2019. I believe we should try to make living a fair experience for everyone.

Irene Nagudi

Kichini Gardeners Initiative

My name is Irene Nagudi. I am a gardener, conservation educator, and founder of Kichini Gardeners Initiative in Uganda, which uses gardening to connect young people to nature conservation and civic engagement. I am also a Business Instructor for start-ups. Working with soil alongside young people, especially children, makes me feel alive.

Isabela Castro


Isabela Castro is a undergraduate biology student that works with ecology of ecosystems and scientific dissemination. Isabela represents the governmental program PETBio, from University of Brasilia, based in Brazil.

Jessica Laxton

Earth Action Hub

Jessica is a passionate environmentalist based in London, UK. Due to a fascination for the natural world she studied and holds a bachelor's degree in Zoology from the University of Bristol. Since graduating, Jessica became particularly interested in environmental education and involving young people in the climate conversation. She volunteers for multiple organisations that fill the curriculum gap for environmental education, set up eco-groups in her local schools, established a local racial-equality group and has volunteered overseas doing marine conservation and poverty alleviation.

Joana Pedro

Young Reporters for the Environment Portugal

Joana is a final year Veterinary Medicine Student and YRE participant since 2011 from Portugal. She has participated in several missions, seminars and conferences, both in Portugal and internationally, including a presence as a YRE on COP22 and COP25 and as a YRE ambassador on two UNESCO ESD events.

Joshua Leigh

Project Pressure

Josh is a glaciologist and outdoors enthusiast. His research focuses on improving our understanding of glacier response to past and present climate change by integrating various methods to gain an understanding of glacial fluctuations over the past 11,700 years. These methods include remote sensing, field mapping, and surface age dating.

Jun Hong

Jun Hong is from Malaysia and is a third-year Civil Engineering student from University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) who likes to discover and enjoy nature. Started joining the UMS EcoCampus Student Committee from the first year of study and currently taking the role of president. Making a contribution to the impactful EcoCampus agenda is the goal.

Karen Mendez


I am Colombian, I love walking and learning about people's stories. Convinced that any project, program or idea that seeks to improve people's quality of life must first go through listening to understand the dynamics of the territories and the communities that inhabit it. I combine social participation and territorial development with facilitation practices. In Colombia I am a founding partner of the Corporación Con Tacto Local and in Chile I am a founding partner of Glocalminds. My favorite practice in participatory processes is silence. And I love to close the day with a book, music and a good martini!

Kirsty Brimelow QC

Doughty Street Chambers

Kirsty Brimelow QC is a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers, London and Visiting Professor on Human Rights and Criminal Law at Goldsmiths’ University, London. She is an elected Bencher of Gray’s Inn and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Kirsty is the former Chair of the Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales. She was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2011 after 19 years practising as a junior barrister in national and international courts in human rights, crime and public law. She is a regular writer for The Times and is a recognised legal commentator in all forms of media. Kirsty has defended peaceful protestors for nearly three decades and appeared in the landmark appeal cases in both the civil and criminal courts of appeal in England and Wales, as well as acted internationally for those exercising freedom of expression She is a recognised expert on the law of peaceful protest as well as an experienced investigator on rights of both humans and animals displaced and under threat.

Kristyn Cole

Youth Climate Report

Kristyn Cole is a student at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada where she pursues a Film and Communication studies degree. Kristyn has always had a passion for film and photography. Combined with her love for the planet, she is able to showcase her skills as a filmmaker to use her voice for environment change. Her documentary, "Canadian Conservation Areas” is a film that Kristyn proudly created with the support of Mark Terry’s Student Life Levy film workshop.

Liz Hosken

Gaia Foundation

Co-founder of The Gaia Foundation.

Maia Raymond


Maia Raymond is a 14yo [pr]activist, founder of Permayouth and musician who lives in Crystal Waters Permaculture Ecovillage in Australia. She is passionate about helping others live an interdependent one-planet life with permaculture as a way to create thriving planetary and personal ecosystems of abundance & a culture to celebrate the world through art, music, curiosity and imagination.

Mark Terry

Youth Climate Report

Mark Terry, certified in climate integration for youth programs by UNITAR, UNCC, and UNICEF, has been providing visible evidence of climate research to the United Nations since 2009. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, a contract professor at the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change at York University and the Faculty of Arts at Wilfrid Laurier University, and an environmental documentary filmmaker. He is the Executive Director of the Youth Climate Report, a non-profit NGO, and runs activist filmmaking workshops at universities worldwide.

Martín Espósito

Una Escuela Sustentable (TAGMA)

Martín Espósito is the Director of the Uruguayan social organization Tagma and an Ashoka Fellow. In the last 5 years he has led the construction of the first sustainable public schools in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, and is currently preparing his next projects in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. He has the goal of building the world's first sustainable public school network.

May Rovahz

Organization for Cetacean Conservation (OCC) - Uruguay

Graphic designer, has been working with arts, design and communication for marine conservation for more than 15 years, in Brazil and Uruguay.

Moetu Taiha

Grandmothers Circle the Earth

Moetu is of the Ngai Tuhoe and Ngati Kahungunu tribes of Aotearoa (New Zealand). Born in the midst of an ancient evergreen forest cloaked in mist called Te Urewera, the Elders recognised, encouraged and nourished Moetu's gifts. Author of 'Te Kohu: A Step by Step Guide to Help You Navigate Your Way Through the Mist', Moet's work is to help people move beyond dis-ease by discerning where the ebb and flow in their mind, body and spirit is blocked. It is this blockage that creates illness and dis-ease. By entering into a ‘sleep state’ where she is fully awake, Moetu is able to travel freely beyond all physical obstructions to locate the source of any dis-ease, surrendering herself to help people return to their true path.

Morgan Griffiths


Morgan Griffiths joined WESSA in 2004 to comment on EIAs, manage community conservation and sustainable development training projects, and assist the Blue Flag Beaches Programme. Over 2017-2019 he trained and placed 540 interns in the Northern Cape and Free State environmental sector. His Tourism Blue Flag Project team currently trains 204 interns in eco-tourism placements.

Nick Kendrick

Worker Ambassador, Iron & Earth

Nick Kendrick is Worker Ambassador of Iron and Earth and Technical Analyst and Education Specialist, with Greenplanet Energy Analytics. Iron & Earth is a worker-led organisation whose mission is to empower fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers to build and implement climate solutions. Iron & Earth formed around the lunchroom tables of the Canadian oilsands during an oil price crash which resulted in over 100,000 oilpatch employees losing their jobs between 2015 and 2017. Realising that their trade skills were transferable to the renewable energy industry and recognising the urgency of diversifying into these technologies, Iron and Earth was formed. Nick first partnered with Iron and Earth through his Masters capstone project, where he mapped out how to best deliver retraining workshops to Albertans facing layoffs.

Olga Strietska-Ilina

International Labour Organisation

Paola Antonelli

The Museum of Modern Art

Paola Antonelli is Senior Curator at The Museum of Modern Art in the Department of Architecture & Design, as well as MoMA’s founding Director of Research & Development. Her most recent exhibition, Broken Nature, opened at MoMA in November 2020. She is also currently working on @design.emergency, an Instagram and book project that explores design’s role in building a better future for all, in collaboration with critic Alice Rawsthorn.

Pimnutcha Promduangsri

International Ocean-Climate School

Pimnutcha facilitates environmental education activities. She is
studying Geography and has completed several MOOCs. She worked with researchers on climate change effects in the Alps, and with educators in Méditerranée 2000, an environmental education
organization. She has presented at the EGU and other conferences.

Princess Esmeralda de Réthy

Journalist and author, environmental and indigenous rights’ campaigner.

Sheena Talma

Nekton Mission

Sheena Talma is a marine scientist from Seychelles with a keen interest in learning more about how we use the ocean and the implications of overfishing marine pollution and climate change in that relationship. Sheena holds a post-graduate degree in fisheries and ichthyology. Prior to this she worked for the Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change in Seychelles working towards environmental sustainability.

Sofia Carvalho

Sítio Raíz

I'm a mother and an agroforestry farmer interested in raising awareness about the urgency and the wonders of planting food forests. I studied Technology in Agroecology, worked with public rural assistency and am inspired to learn from other farmers and nature itself. Today, I am mostly engaged with commercializing our organic produces and creating opportunities to discuss gender equity amidst farming tchniques.

Steve Hope

Toyota Motor Europe

Steve is a Chartered Electrical Engineer who first joined Toyota in the UK during the construction phase of our first purpose-built manufacturing facilities in Europe in 1991 as the Manager of Facilities and Environment. After establishing this Department with his team, Steve went on to manage other areas of the Toyota UK Business including Project Management and Health and Safety supporting the construction of a new facility in France. In 2006, Steve was assigned to Toyota Motor Europe to Plant Engineering supporting an ultimate total of 9 manufacturing facilities. In 2012, Steve was assigned to a wider role taking responsibility for the complete Environmental scope of the vehicle’s lifecycle for the European Region. Recently this role has expanded into the full scope of Sustainability and ESG. Steve is married and is now located at the European Regional HQ in Brussels.

Tommaso De Luca

Lucart Group

I work as Corporate Communication manager in Lucart Group, a company that has always been able to innovate in harmony with the environment and the territory, to produce tissue paper to improve everyday life and guarantee hygiene at home and away from home. My main activity is to create long-term relationships, based on mutual trust, with the stakeholders.

Vívian B. Daldegan

Louise Ribeiro Garden

Biology student at University of Brasília (UnB), member of Louise Ribeiro Garden and resident Science teacher. Former member of the Academic Center of Biology's Management at UnB and now Y4UW (Youth for a United World) representative in Midwest Brazil.

Adriana Valenzuela

Global Center on Adaptation

Ms. Adriana Valenzuela has 25 years of experience dealing with youth movements at the local, national and international level, 21 years of which she worked with NGOs, national and local governments and the UN system, mainly on issues related to youth empowerment and sustainability. The past seven years Ms. Valenzuela has been working with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat on Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE). The ACE agenda comprises youth engagement within the UNFCCC process as well as climate education, training, public awareness, public access to information, public participation and international cooperation on these matters. As of 2020, Ms. Valenzuela is the Youth Leadership Program Manager at the Global Center on Adaptation.

Ailton Krenak

Writer, journalist, philosopher and indigenous movement leader, part of the Forest People Movement.

Allison Gacad

Allison Gacad is a recent graduate of the University of British Columbia, having completed her BSc in Global Resource Systems. She is a YRE alumni and freelance journalist, alongside current work in sustainable food systems conducting research in the Plant-Insect Ecology and Evolution Lab at UBC.

Ana Corrêa

International Climate Students Movement

Ana is a Board Member of the International Climate Students Movement (CSM), a new student association that helps higher education institutions (HEIs) practice what they teach about climate science. She supports students' initiatives in CSM's network to strengthen their impact on HEIs and she coordinates Uniclima, our local group in Brazil.

Andrew Winchur

Homes First

Andrew Winchur is the Community Development and Client Programming Supervisor for Homes First Society. He has worked for the agency since January 2020. In his spare time, he serves as the Director of Parkdale Free School, a local social justice educational initiative based in Toronto’s downtown West End.

Anne Vela-Wagner

Mars Wrigley Foundation

Anne Vela-Wagner is the Executive Director of the Mars Wrigley Foundation. She has deep experience in global strategy and partnership development, employee engagement and process improvement. She leads the Foundation’s global partnerships and programs in 20+ countries around the world. She works closely with the executive members of the Foundation Board to drive meaningful impact and associate engagement. Anne also leads the Mars Ambassador Program – a skills-based, global volunteer program providing associates around the world the opportunity to use their talent and passion to create positive social change. A proud Chicagoan, she has sat on numerous non-profit boards and committees and is currently a member of Save the Children’s Corporate Council, the International Jury for Young Reporters for the Environment, the Corporate Coalition of Chicago’s Leadership Council, Litter Free Chicago River Task Force and Hispanic Associate Resource Group Leadership Team. Anne holds a BA from the University of Illinois and a MSC from Northwestern University.

Ashish Kothari

Founder-member, Kalpavriksh; member, many people’s movements. Taught, Indian Institute of Public Administration; coordinated India’s National Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan, served on boards of Greenpeace International & India, ICCA Consortium. Helps coordinate Vikalp Sangam, Global Tapestry of Alternatives & Radical Ecological Democracy. Co-author/co-editor, Churning the Earth, Alternative Futures, and Pluriverse: A Post-Development Dictionary

Barbara Brant

Grandmothers Circle the Earth

A Mohawk Elder, Barbara Brant's primary role and responsibilities over the 32-years of service to her community have been to be of a support to others. In education, it has been to promote Life-Long Learning and Traditional Values, of living in a First Nations Community; the path Barbara chose was to study under people, who might be considered experts in their fields of study, career, traditional understandings, and other merits.
Representing her community, a voice is given to assist in enhancing efforts of other structures that reinforce culture, education, and change: the Woodland Cultural Centre Board/First Nations-Federal and, under the Province of Ontario, the Loyalist College Board of Governors are highlights. Currently, Barbara is engaged in the promotion of Education, Life-Long Learning, and Community Development with Centennial College, Toronto.

Brenda Mwale

Green Girls Platform

Brenda Mwale is a Food Technologist by profession and also founder of Glow Foods that focuses on growing different horticultural crops, food processing and food processing consulting. She is passionate about helping achieve sustainable development goals to do with Climate Action, Education, Gender and Zero hunger. She is involved in different social projects in rural communities. She is a 2017 winner and Ambassador of Future Africa Leaders Foundation, 2018 SADC top 100 independent young leaders, 2019 Obama leader, Youth Ambassador for Malawi-Scotland Partnership and part of Green Girls Platform. Brenda believes that it is everyone’s responsibility to create the Africa we want irrespective of one’s gender, education background and financial status.

Béibhinn Byrne

I am Béibhinn Byrne, a Third year Bachelor of Arts in Education (Business and Religious Studies) student from Ireland, and also a member of our Green Campus Committee which was awarded its Green Campus flag by An Taisce. Since the establishment of our committee we have reduced the amount of non-recylable waste on campus by 11% while increasing our recyclable waste by 20%. This year, I was gifted with the responsibility of organising our 'Green Week 2020' celebrations. Though online, the events were extremely successful in raising awareness local, national and global environmental challenges, and to inform our community of ways we can reduce our individual and collective impact on the environment.

Camila Jordan


Camila Jordan is the executive director at TETO Brasil, an organization that mobilizes thousands of young volunteers and residents of precarious communities to overcome poverty through concrete actions. Before TETO Camila was in New York City leading a social housing pilot program. She holds a degree from Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Environmental Engineering and a master's degree in Public Administration from Columbia University, New York.

Carolina Comandulli

Carolina Comandulli has been involved for over 17 years with indigenous peoples in the Amazon and Atlantic rainforests, at a research, professional and personal levels, having occupied key positions from the government/policy building sector to direct work and engagement with local indigenous organisations.

Cindy-Lee Cloete


Cindy-Lee Cloete is the General Manager of the Schools and Youth Unit at WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa), coordinating the Eco-Schools, Learning About Forests (LEAF), and Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) programmes in South Africa.

Cindy completed her MEd: Environmental Education from Rhodes University in South Africa in 2016. Shortly after joining the environmental sector, Cindy grew an immense passion for Environmental Education within rural communities and to date has 12 years of experience in this sphere. It is her commitment to bridging the gap between our natural surroundings and everyday lives that encouraged her to enter the Civil Society platform. Passionate about social and environmental justice, Cindy prides herself on engaging South African youth on a journey of self-emancipation through the work she does.

Climate Collage

Climate Collage

Coral Funes

The English Centre (School)

Coral Funes is a year 10 student of The English Centre, Southern Spain, who has been leading the Aula de Sostenibilidad for the second year in a row. She is the former sustainability prefect of the school and because of that has been attending multiple activities we have organized. As the prefect, she has led several sustainability assemblies for the whole school, and she has also represented the Aula de Sostenibilidadat multiple mass media appearances during these last two years (press, radio and tv). She is a committed and passionate student with a huge experience and great communication skills.

Daniel Charny


Daniel Charny is a creative director and educator with an inquiring mind and an entrepreneurial streak. He is best known for the seminal exhibition Power of Making and the international learning programme Fixperts. Charny advocates a vision of design, creativity and making as essential tools to unlock a better future.

In 2019 he was awarded the London Design Festival Design innovation Medal and in 2020 the Sir Misha Black Award for Innovation in Design Education. He is Co-founding director of the community interest company Forth and Professor of Design at Kingston University.

Daniela Rato

Lisbon Zoo

Daniela is a Conservation Education enthusiast from Portugal and believes that empowering people to protect our amazing planet is one of her most important life missions. She has a Master’s degree in Conservation Biology and is am currently working as an Environmental Educator at Lisbon Zoo and at Educar a Sorrir.

David Knaute


David is a Climate Change and Environment Consultant with UNICEF. Presently based in Barbados, he has previously managed projects in the child protection, education and environmental sectors in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. His current focus is on climate finance, NDCs and youth engagement in climate action.